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Paint Correction Services

Ask About Our Paint Correction Services

Here at CD Automotive Detail, we offer paint correction services. Over time, swirls and scratches can develop in the paint job. Thousands of dollars can be wasted by going to a paint and body shop, but we have a process that only takes six steps to handle the paint correction services that will put your paint job back to having your vehicle looking brand new again. The six actions we perform are washing, clay bar, using compounds, buffering polish, adding a sealant, and finishing off the project with a hydro ceramic coat of wax. These simple steps can have your vehicle looking like it did the day it drove out of the factory. It is hard to determine a price without looking at the vehicle, but most prices are as low as $500 up to $1,000. It all depends on how big the vehicle is and the condition of the paint job.

We offer the best ceramic coating Philadelphia has to offer. The coating provides up to three years of protection. It is designed to protect the paint job, and the best way to describe our ceramic coating Philadelphia style is like placing a layer of glass over the paint job. It could also be described as another fine layer of clear coat that will have your car or truck sparkling and reflecting everything around the vehicle. The final project will look like a mirror for the darker color vehicles because you will see yourself in the paint job. At our car wash, we use only the best product available on the market to bring the paint job up to full restoration. The product we use is CarPro CQuartz 3.0 Ceramic. Prices start around $750, but we cannot call it for sure until we inspect the vehicle and see what we have to do. If you care about your paint job and perfection like we do, it is the perfect investment for your vehicle.

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