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Keep your vehicle clean and protected during this pandemic with our coronavirus package. This package will include a full steam cleaning of entire inside, followed by disinfecting all interior trims and plastics, steering wheel and protected with aerospace cleaner

All vehicles $100

Man Cleaning Car


Ceramic coating is the process of fully protecting your vehicles paint from any harm for years at a time. Think of it as a thin sheet of glass protecting your paint. In order to apply the coating, your vehicle must be washed, clayed, decontaminated, compounded and polished before applying. So this package includes a full detail, and a full paint correction. As for the ceramic, we use only the best product on the market to ensure long lasting protection to your vehicle. (CarPro CQuartz 3.0 ceramic) We highly recommend this package to protect your investment. The results will blow you away!

Price starts at $750

Note: Price may vary upon vehicle inspection

Car service worker applying nano coating


Our window tint service comes in shades of 15%(dark) 20%(heavy) 25%(medium/heavy) 30%(Medium) 35%light/medium) 40%(light) 

We use 2 ply top quality tint to ensure the tint doesn't bubble or crack.

Flat Rate $300 ALL CARS

Male specialist applying car tinting fil


Stop in and ask about our new powder coat service. Powder coating rims is the process of baking your rims in an oven with any color of your choice. Instead of paint that can scratch, powder coat is a hard shell that will not scratch or rust.  We professionally send out your rims to get sand blasted and powder coated any color of your choosing. We supply storage for your vehicle, tire breakdown and re-installation of new rims and tires. THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING!!


Image by Yuvraj Singh

Package 1: Exterior Only

Pre-wash, foam cannon wash finished with hand wash, rims, tires, windows headlights, brake lights, bug removal, UV protection on all exterior trims, finished with a wax/sealant.

Ask about adding compounding or polish.

Cars: $125       Midsize: $140     Trucks: $140

Polishing Car

Package 2: Interior Only

Vacuum out all interior, clean dashboard, display, air vents, cupholders, center console, clean doors and door jams, seatbelts and trunk. Finished with UV protection on all interior and steam cleaning to disinfect vehicle.

(Ask about adding carpet extraction/stain removal)

Cars: $125      Midsize: $140     Trucks: $150

Car Interior

Package 3: Exterior + Interior Combo

Everything from package 1 & 2 combined!

Cars: $180     Midsize: $200     Trucks: $200

Car Front

Package 4: Full Detail

Everything from package 1 & 2 including polish, stain extraction and engine bay detail included. Bring the dealership look back to your vehicle!

Cars: $250     Midsize: $275     Trucks: $300

Front of Car

Paint Correction

Don’t pay thousands of dollars at a body shop to restore your vehicles paint. Bring your vehicle down to CD auto for our 6 step process to restore your vehicles paint to remove any light scratches, swirl marks etc. includes wash, clay bar, compound, polish, sealant and finished with a hydro ceramic coat wax.

**Price varies on size and condition of vehicle. $400+

Buffing a Car

Engine Bay Detail

All engines sprayed down with degreaser and all-purpose cleaner, finished with 303 aerospace to shine everything up. Your engine will thank you!

All Vehicles $50


Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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